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Connecting your brand with the right audience is an essential piece of telling your story well. Hawks & Rock have an extensive network of influencers from creatives to corporations...


Want even more from Hawks & Rock? Beyond our brand direction process, we offer further direction through brand advisement. This gives you access to us regularly so that we...


At Hawks & Rock, we work with several partners who can help you with your brand identity and brand management needs. Once we have reached the final stages of...


At Hawks & Rock, we believe that in order for your audience to understand your brand – you have to understand it first. If you don’t know who you...

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Melissa Hawks

Melissa HawksIf you were to peruse my LinkedIn profile, you would find that my personal brand is made up of a myriad of pieces. At first glance you may wonder how the capacity to be a librarian and creative director for a film festival could reside in the same brain. The missing piece of the puzzle is this simple fact: my greatest passions are connecting people and ideas. If you come to my story and my brand with this understanding, then it all begins to makes sense.

“What’s your big dream” That’s the question I’ve been asking people since I can remember. I also ask them things like, “What does that mean? Why do you want to do that? How can we make that happen?” Then my brain turns to…

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Ronne Rock

Ronne RockWhen I was 8, I told my parents I was going to be an archaeologist and adopt a bunch of children. They smiled and rolled their eyes at the dorky looking kid with the big crazy dream. I wish I could wow you by saying that dream came true – that I then traveled the world in search of ancient civilizations with my band of cool kids. But things didn’t work out quite the way I planned.

They worked out a whole lot better.

You see, I’m still that kid – the one who loves to dig and discover, the one who loves to uncover a great story. I’m a strategist and an ideator who finds joy in listening and asking “why.” And I’ve got a bit of a reputation…

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The “B” Word Special Edition: You’re the Face of the Brand

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  Last week, we wrote about the importance of backing it up. You know, taking time, breathing, slowing down – backing up, looking away, and then looking back from a different perspective.  At the time, it was more about launching your brand. And then two things happened. Phil Robertson and Justine Sacco. One person was representing an empire. One...

Don’t Do the Hate-Back

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Goodness, there’s a lot of hating going on out there in OnlineWorld these days.  Nothing much shocks this old gal, but I after all these years I still am amazed at just how crass folks can be. Vile comments, derogatory statements, subtext filled with all kinds of finger-pointing nastiness. The strangely-connected-yet-still-slightly-anonymous enigma that is our world does strange things...


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