The “B” Word: What is Branding?

 You hear it all the time now. Branding. I see some of you out there snarling up your nose. Stop that. Right now. I’m getting ready to break down exactly what branding is and why you need it. Now, you know me. If you don’t, here’s where the rubber meets the road:  you’re always going to get the #truestory from me. #RealTalk is my specialty. So here it goes….The TRUTH about branding.

There are a variety of different thoughts on what branding means. Ronne and I have very distinct approach to it that some might call holistic. We believe that branding isn’t just about your Brand Identity (i.e. your logo, name, slogan) but rather that it’s made up of a promise, an experience, and a relationship. We also believe that in order for your audience to “get” and understand your brand – you have to know who you are first.

With our clients, we work through a process that includes defining their brand, discovering their goals, crafting their stories, and building strategies for reaching their goals. Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be posting a series about each step in this process. The first thing you need to know is below. It’s the question we get asked over and over. You’ve asked it before. Here are the answers.

Why branding?

It builds Brand Loyalty and Brand Engagement.

If you don’t know who you are then it is hard to be intentional about where you’re headed.

It builds Brand Trust.

Branding isn’t merely a logo, a slogan – It’s a sustainable promise you make and MUST keep.

It builds Brand Ambassadors

Whether you have a small biz, are a creative, or run a non-profit, you already have a brand.


Don’t you think you should be intentional about it?