The “B” Word: Defining the Relationship (The DTR Talk)

Alright, my darlings. Today I want to tell you about a semi-ridiculous conversation that one of my besties, @jessamyngray and I had with another dear friend of ours who shall remain nameless. Nameless Friend had been spending quite a bit of time with a wonderfully attractive man and had called to let us know. She also informed us that her other friends were pushing her to have the “DTR Talk”. I’m not ashamed to tell you that Jess and I were confused. Barely in our 30’s, we’re actually pretty hip (do people still say that?) and having both been librarians, keep up on most of the new lingo to enter the collective conscious. Somehow, neither of us had heard of the inanity that is DTR. Our lovely pal proceeded to enlighten us to it’s definition:  define the relationship. Her other set of friends were suggesting that it was time figure out who and what her new relationship was in order to know where it was headed.

You’re probably wondering what on earth that has to do with branding. Here it is:  we’ve eased you in slowly, introducing you to the idea of branding. Now, it’s time to jump into the process. As I said in the previous post, “if you don’t know who you are then it is hard to be intentional about where you’re headed.” It’s also difficult for your audience to know who you are and what you do if you’re not sure. Thus, the first step to building a successful brand is definition.

This initial step of the process is created to help you understand what and who your brand is and what it does. This is generally called a Branding Exercise and is a lot like therapy. No judgement. We all can use some from time to time – and you KNOW your brand needs a little bit about now.

The questions asked lead you to understand who your brand is, what it does, where it does it, how it does it, and most importantly WHY it does whatever your brand does. I also liked to discuss with my clients what their brand doesn’t do. If you set these boundaries in advance, you’ll be better equipped to handle the success that inevitably accompanies a strong brand. You don’t want your brand so distracted by “good” things that it misses out on “great” opportunities.


Today’s challenge: Have the DTR Talk about your brand. Ask yourself those very basic questions. Do you have good answers? Does your audience know the answers to those questions?