The “B” Word Special Edition: You’re the Face of the Brand


Last week, we wrote about the importance of backing it up. You know, taking time, breathing, slowing down – backing up, looking away, and then looking back from a different perspective.  At the time, it was more about launching your brand.

And then two things happened. Phil Robertson and Justine Sacco.

One person was representing an empire. One person was simply going on a trip. And both found out the cold hard truth: no matter what it is – a tweet, a post, a comment, a photo – go public with even the most benign thing, and it’s just that  – public. There honestly is no dividing line – we are linked to the brand we represent, 24/7.

Melissa and I could write volumes on the topic – of what we’ve seen and what we’ve learned (and what we’ve experienced first-hand). But when we find words that say what we feel – and do it with such purpose and eloquence – well, we think it’s important to simply share them.  Even if you and she don’t see eye to eye on everything, we believe you’ll find Ann Voskamp’s blogpost thought-provoking. She uses her words well to remind us of the power of ours. Check it out and let us know what you think: