The “B” Word: No Unicorns or Glitter Here

Some days you write an inspired blog post that brings down angels and glitter. Sometimes a unicorn or two will even show up if you use the write adjective. This is not that blogpost. However, this will give you the final piece of the puzzle that you need when it comes to the branding process.


We’ve talked about “why branding” and we’ve discussed “defining the relationship.” This next step of the branding process is about discovering where you want your brand to end up. I’m a nerd, so I like to call it Thinking Forward. In clarifying where you are headed, it is important to revisit the define part of the process in order to ask questions like:


  • Does this align with my core values?

  • Is it what my brand does?

  • What is the motivation behind pursuing that end goal?


The discover step transitions almost seamlessly into the next steps of crafting a story and building a strategy. In this part of the process we look at connecting your audience with the story of your brand.  People have always had a visceral response to story. They crave a good story and respond to it. The brand stories that receive the best responses are the ones in which people can see elements of themselves. We all long to connect.


Three of the most important elements to think about when building your brand strategy are the following:

  • Brand Identity

    • Do I need a logo design or redesign, web development and design, a slogan?

  • Building Brand Awareness & Brand Engagement via

    • Social media platforms and strategies

    • Physical interactions with the brand

    • Connecting brand with influencers

  • Creating Brand Ambassadors from your employees or even your audience


So, now it’s time. Take the next step and walk through this process with your team. Or contact us. We’d love to walk this road with you and your brand.