Back It Up

A few nights ago, I was chatting with one of my clients about life and love and how things were coming with her growing brand. We’ve been working on things now for five months, and every step has been deliberate and good (and not always easy). Her core values are clear, her purpose is – well – very mindful. Her new website and social media elements are looking great, and she’s now busy at work on a media kit. Yes, media kit. Because she’s getting noticed, and she wants to be well-prepared.

And our conversation reminded me of something so very important – something I encourage others to do but can quickly forget as I work on my own brand.

Me: I look at this – and think about your old site. And wow. That’s all I’ll say. Wow. Seriously wow.

Client: AGREED! I am not at all where I originally thought I would be when I set goals in January. But backing up was so much more important. I’m far more confident in the whole shebang.

Did you read that? She had a plan in place in January – big goals for her big brand. And those goals were all about her doing things QUICKLY because there is the perception that life – and opportunity, and money, and notoriety – will all pass us by if we don’t rush to grab them.

But she learned a most valuable thing this year. Backing up.

Because when it comes to our brand – the promises we make and keep every day – we need to back it up.

We need to take time to breathe, ask the hard questions about the why of what we are doing and the why of who we want to be. Now I’m not talking about the old adage “paralysis by analysis.” Trust me, I’ve worked for and with those types, and that kind of self-destructive behavior can kill great vision (I once did 16 DIFFERENT versions of a major presentation – and by the time all the scrutiny had been done on the great idea, there was no idea left). But we need to be OK with taking a chisel to our dreams, even when that chisel may remove something we’ve considered personally beautiful. We need to dive in and work on things – then back it up and look at what we’re doing from a different angle, so we can see where there are gaps and where we are telling a truly meaningful story.


And something happens when we take that time and look at things from a different perspective. We back up our personal credibility. We become stronger at what we do (remember what I wrote about being unapologetic?).

It goes for artists and speakers and writers – and accountants and entrepreneurs and inventors. Every one of us needs to learn to back it up. In fact, I’m doing it right now as the year comes to a close. Because when it comes to my own brand, I’ve done some things well – but I’ve done some rushing too, and I can feel it. And it’s time to take that chisel in hand, time to look at things from a different angle to see the gaps and refine. Even in this storytellers’ life, there’s still a more meaningful story to be told.

Me: I honestly have never met anyone who has regretted slowing down the pace to launch. Maybe those folks are out there (and, FYI, I’m not talking about crawling). But taking time to breathe, ask the hard questions, work and walk away and look at things from a different angle and refine? Always good.

Client: Yes. Oh 2014…what do you have in store….

I know what’s in store. Good things. Very good things.


So, how about you? Are you guilty of rushing to grab or paralyzing things by overanalyzing? What could a little backing up do for your brand? That’s what we’re here for – and we’d love to talk about it.

  • Oh 2014…what do you have in store…

  • Tami Romani

    Thank you for this. I’ve been beating myself up for not moving fast enough, but in fact I have been able to refine my approach in promoting my brand and looking for potential clients in such a way that I think will be more productive in the long run.