Focus On Your Version Of Awesome

Did you grow up blowing on Nintendo games when your video game froze on the screen? Do you remember having a dial up modem that was so loud theneighbor 3 doors down knew that you just hopped online? Were some of the most exciting times of your youth hearing the phrase, “You’ve got mail?”

I grew up around computers. Given enough time and resources, I can figure out most forms of technology. But just because I “can” figure it out, doesn’t mean that I should.

If you’re a plumber, I bet you can plumb better than anyone out there! Maybe you’re an attorney. I’m certain you can attorney with the best of them. I recently learned something about myself though. I’m a writer. I speak to people and share ideas. I encourage others to get better with their finances so they can change the world.

I am not however a web developer.

My form of awesome doesn’t involve various codes of 1’s and 0’s unless it’s in relation to money. When I hear the phrase FTP server or cPanel, I shudder.

Could I figure out how to build a website? Probably. Should I? Absolutely not. I learned this first hand recently as I’m taking my personal site through an entire new branding process. My business has shifted it’s focus and with that comes the need for an updated web presence. I thought to myself, “Self, you’re a smart guy. You can do this on your own and save tons of money.”

12 hours into the backend of a server I had successfully setup a domain, transferred all of my existing content over to the new platform and built the site on a generic theme. But that’s where I got stuck. I couldn’t get signup forms and graphics to appear the way I wanted to. I asked questions. I studied. I searched for answers but after another 12 hours invested came an epiphany.

If I had spent that 24 hours working on what I’m awesome at, I could’ve generated more than enough income to pay someone else to build my site. Instead I had focused all my efforts on learning and doing something that I’m not awesome at in order to save some money.

In the time it takes you to figure out how to build a website you could pick up new clients, write more stories, plumb more plumbing, or take more pictures.

You need a website for your brand. There are people out there that are absolutely in love with binary code. That’s their form of awesome. Let them do what they love, and you do what you love.


Casey Lewis is the author of the book Impact and the blog  He works as a financial coach and speaker, helping people put their finances in a position that allows them to chase their dreams and make an impact in the world.  Find out what he’s up to on Twitter @caseynlewis.