Connecting your brand with the right audience is an essential piece of telling your story well. Hawks & Rock have an extensive network of influencers from creatives to corporations and public figures ready to connect with your brand. We can also teach you how to leverage your own network and build brand ambassadors from your core audience.


Want even more from Hawks & Rock? Beyond our brand direction process, we offer further direction through brand advisement. This gives you access to us regularly so that we can guide you as you continue to shape your brand and its message.


At Hawks & Rock, we work with several partners who can help you with your brand identity and brand management needs. Once we have reached the final stages of crafting the story of your brand and building a strategy to move toward your goals, we’ll place you in the talented hands of these artists. Whether you need a website developed from conception to launch, a logo redesigned, or social media management, we are connected with most capable people to meet your needs.


At Hawks & Rock, we believe that in order for your audience to understand your brand – you have to understand it first. If you don’t know who you are, it’s hard to be intentional about where you’re headed. We’ll walk you through our four-step process to help you define your brand, discover your brand essence and destination, craft your brand’s story, and build a strategy for getting your brand to that end goal. Every brand is unique, and our process plays out in a myriad of ways. Each session is custom fit to your brand’s needs.